Monday, Oct. 17th @ 8:35 AM:  Rock & Roll Legend Lou Christie, promoting the upcoming Oldies Spectacular show at Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady next month.

Lou Christie's chart topping, multi-million selling career as a songwriter, recording artist, and performer started in a two-track studio in Glenwillard Pennsylvania, his rural hometown near Pittsburgh. Lou's first million selling song, THE GYPSY CRIED, transformed a local choirboy, Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco, into LOU CHRISTIE - national teen idol, while still a teenager himself.

Lou Christie
Photo: Noam Galai

Over the decade of the 1960's Lou followed success with greater success. TWO FACES HAVE I was his next big hit featuring his stratospheric falsetto.  Lou forever embedded himself and his uniquely talented voice into America's consciousness with his number 1 multi-million selling success LIGHTNING STRIKES. Lou's chart topping success continued with two more million selling hits, RHAPSODY IN THE RAIN and I'M GONNA MAKE YOU MINE. RHAPSODY'S success was fueled by the fact that it was the first song banned on the radio due to its suggestive lyrics.

Lou was more than just your average teen idol. He was one of the decades first singer-songwriters. Together with his eccentric collaborator, Twyla Herbert, LOU co-wrote nearly all of his songs. Twyla, nearly 30 years Lou's senior, was a classically trained musician. It was the perfect partnership since LOU had no formal musical training.

Highlights from Lou's performing career include appearances on "Dick Clark's Caravan Of Stars", sharing 72 consecutive one-nighters with Diana Ross and the Supremes, and a command performance for Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family. Lou has shared the stage with many of the greats of Rock 'n' Roll including The Rolling Stones, The Who, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard.


Also on Monday morning @ 9:30:  Michael Dermer is an entrepreneur, speaker, and lawyer, widely hailed as a pioneer of the movement to reward employees for healthy behavior..

Just a few years out of law school, Dermer left a coveted job as a corporate lawyer to pursue the dream of being his own boss. With a bold idea—rewarding Americans for healthy behavior and, in the process, saving the healthcare system a bundle—Dermer started IncentOne. For ten years, he worked to motivate a team, convince the healthcare industry, win customers, and get buy-in from skeptics. Finally, on October 15, 2008, after landing plum customers like Deloitte and General Motors, Dermer clinched a private equity investment that should have put IncentOne on the path to billion-dollar riches.

Then, the Great Recession struck. In ten days, his dream spiraled into a nightmare. Bankrupt customers. Angry investors. credit and capital gone. Dermer found himself scrambling to save the business he took a decade to build. After two years of toiling, furiously and tirelessly during 20 hour days, he successfully recovered and sold IncentOne. In the process, Dermer discovered something – that the difference between his success and failure was overcoming the flawed perspectives that develop in the struggle and under pressure and the value of seeing everyday challenges in a different light.

"THE LONELY ENTREPRENEUR" is a book that pinpoints what separates entrepreneurs who thrive in business from those who crumble: perspective. “It’s how we manage the struggle of being the entrepreneur,” he attests, based on his harrowing experience as an entrepreneur and industry pioneer who watched the business he built for 10 years almost get destroyed in 10 days by the 2008 financial crisis.  Michael learned how to thrive in this struggle by combining the blood, sweat, and tears with new perspectives—even when success was shattered like whiplash.

In "THE LONELY ENTREPRENEUR," Dermer reveals how the constant chaos, adrenaline rush, and burden of being an entrepreneur causes many and diverse entrepreneurs to develop damaging ‘perspectives’ on the business and personal issues that come with the territory.
He shares the insights and methodology that not only saved his own company, but have made the difference between success and failure for hundreds of struggling startups and entrepreneurs. Now recognized as a visionary leader in the healthcare rewards industry, Michael Dermer is also a widely sought out success coach.


Wrapping up Monday morning @ 9:45:  Teen writer Helena Coggan, author of "The Catalyst."

Helena Coggan is the author of The Catalyst, which she wrote at the age of thirteen and published in the UK at age fifteen. Now a cool seventeen, Helena is making her US publishing debut, making her an internationally published author. Grounded by her parents and her sister, Helena is a rare and refreshing kind of teen. Her social media presence is limited to the occasional post on her WordPress page, often about her thoughts on Doctor Who and Sherlock. This is by choice—Helena would rather prep for her GSCEs and work on the rest of her trilogy rather than obsess over likes. She is still amazed that she was

able to get a publishing deal, and is still giddy over it. Fiercely independent, Helena Coggan is a teen author to watch out for.

Eighteen years ago, a dimensional break ripped open the sky, drawing humans into an ancient conflict. Otherworldly souls rained down and fused with those of people, dividing the population into the green-eyed, magical Gifted and the dark-eyed, nonmagical Ashkind. A devastating war followed, and the Gifted have managed a fragile peace ever since, largely through a brutal law enforcement organization known as the Department. Fifteen-year-old Rose’s father, David, has a leading role in the Department. Rose and David are Gifted, but they are also something else — something terrible. Their lives depend on keeping it secret. But when a mysterious murder threatens to tear Rose’s world apart, forcing long-buried secrets into the open, her loyalties are put to the test. How much does Rose really know about her father’s past? How far is the Department willing to go to maintain order? And, when the time comes, who will Rose choose to protect?

ABOUT Helena Coggan wrote the first draft of The Catalyst when she was thirteen, and it has already been published in the U.K. to great acclaim. She has wanted to write stories since she was six, and before that, she wanted to live in one. She lives with her family in London.


Tuesday, Oct. 18th @ 7:35 AM:  Sports interview with former Major League Baseball MVP, and three-time All-Star, Mo Vaughn.

Mo Vaughn, nicknamed "The Hit Dog", is a former Major League Baseball first baseman. He played from 1991 to 2003. Vaughn was a three-time All-Star selection and won the American League MVP award in 1995 with the Boston Red Sox.

Mo Vaughn with the Mets
Photo: Christopher Ruppel

Vaughn became the centerpiece of the Red Sox's line-up in 1993, hitting 29 home runs and contributing 101 RBIs. In 1995, he established a reputation as one of the most feared hitters in the American League when he hit 39 home runs with 126 RBIs and a .300 average. He also garnered 11 stolen bases. His efforts, which led the Red Sox to the playoffs (only to lose to the Cleveland Indians in the American League Division Series), were rewarded with the American League MVP award.

Vaughn had his career year with the Red Sox in 1996, batting an average of .326, playing in 161 games, with 44 home runs, and 143 RBIs. In a May 30, 1997 game against the Yankees, Vaughn went 4-for-4 with three solo homers in the Red Sox's 10-4 win.

Vaughn continued to improve over the next several seasons, batting .315 or higher from 1996 to 1998 and averaging 40 home runs and 118 RBIs. The Red Sox lost in the American League Division Series in 1998, once again to the Cleveland Indians, although Vaughn played well, hitting two home runs and driving in seven runs in game one.


Also on the Tuesday sports show @ 8:10:  Amy Trask, co-author of "You Negotiate Like a Girl: Reflections on a Career in the National Football League."

The Princess of Darkness. Former NFL team executive Amy Trask has held many titles during her career – including chief executive, analyst, and author – but this nickname is

what she is first and foremost known by to Raiders fans. Trask joined the Raiders as an intern during law school after the team moved from Oakland to Los Angeles – the position the result of a cold call she made to the team. From there, she worked her way up through the ranks of the organization, to the post she would eventually hold as chief executive.

Along the way, Trask worked extremely closely with the late Al Davis, a man who treated her and others on his team without regard to gender, race, and age. Trask may have been the highest-ranking female executive in the NFL during her tenure with the Raiders, but in You Negotiate Like a Girl: Reflections on a Career in the National Football League, she shares how she found success by operating without regard to gender. Replete with insider tales about being part of the Raiders' front office, behind the closed doors of NFL owners meetings, and Davis himself, Trask's book is a must-read not only for football fans, but anyone who wants to succeed in business.

ABOUT Amy Trask is an analyst for CBS Sports and CBS Sports Network.  She appears regularly on That Other Pregame Show, We Need To Talk, and periodically on NFL Today.


Later on Tuesday morning @ 9:15:  America’s top feline behavior expert, Pam Johnson-Bennett, answers the most baffling questions about your cat in new book, "Catwise."

Even those of us who have lived with and loved our cats for decades are constantly stymied by their seemingly inexplicable acts, or have questions about why they do what they do and where they do it, and how we can get them to not do it. In Catwise, those elusive mysteries are solved. No one knows cats like Pam Johnson-Bennett, whose pioneering thirty-year career as a cat behavior consultant has changed the way cat

owners and experts alike view cats.

Catwise combines the questions that come up most often with answers to help you solve your cat's behavior problems (or head them off before they start), or simply improve the relationship you have with your cat. Using her trademark approach, “think like a cat,” Pam shows you how to understand all those seemingly inexplicable habits and sudden shifts of mood so that you can focus on creating a happy and safe home environment.

ABOUT Pam Johnson-Bennett is one of the most popular and sought-after cat behavior experts in the world. She is the author of seven award-winning books on cat behavior, including Think Like a Cat, Hiss and Tell, Starting from Scratch, and Cat vs. Cat. She has a private cat-consulting practice in Nashville, appears on Animal Planet UK and Canada, and lectures on cat behavior at veterinary and animal welfare conferences around the world. She’s been featured on CNN, Fox News Channel, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox & Friends, Animal Planet Radio, and many more shows.


Wednesday, Oct. 19th @ 7:35 AM:  Boxing segment with Shaun Assael, author of "The Murder of Sonny Liston: Las Vegas, Heroin, and Heavyweights."

On January 5, 1971, Sonny Liston was found dead in his home—of an apparent heroin overdose. But no one close to Liston believed that his death was acci­dental. Digging deep into a life that Liston tried hard to hide, investigative journalist Shaun Assael treats the boxer’s death as a cold case. The result is a page-turning who­dunit that evokes a glorious and grimy era of Las Vegas.

Elvis Presley was playing two shows a night at the International. Howard Hughes was running his empire from the penthouse suite of the Desert Inn. And middle America was flocking to the Strip, transforming it from an exclusive playground for the mob to a mecca for corporate dollars. But the city was also rotting from within. Heroin was pouring over the border from Mexico, and the segregated Westside was on the cusp of a race war. The cops, brutally violent, were barely holding it together.

Driving through town with the top of his pink Cadillac down, Sonny Liston was the one celebrity who was unafraid to bridge the two sides of Las Vegas. Cashing in on his fading notoriety in the casinos, he was dealing drugs, working for a crime syndicate, and trying to break into Hollywood—all with a boxer’s faith that he could duck any threat, slip any punch. Heroin addiction was the only knockout blow he didn’t see coming.

ABOUT Shaun Assael, who has been with ESPN The Magazine since its launch in 1996, is a member of ESPN's investigations unit and a regular contributor to the show Outside the Lines. He is also the author of three books: Wide Open: Days and Nights on the NASCAR Tour; Sex, Lies, and Headlocks, a New York Times best seller; and Steroid Nation, a definitive account of the steroid era.


Also on Wednesday morning @ 8:50:  Papatya Tankut, Vice President of Pharmacy Affairs for CVS Health giving specific Information from the CDC re The Flu and Flu shot for Oregon as well as everything your listeners need to know about the Flu and Flu show this year.

Flu season is unpredictable, and with millions of people catching the virus, prevention is more important than ever to stay healthy. But of course in today’s busy age- convenience is king- even when it comes to our family’s health.

According to a recent survey from CVS Health, more than one-third (34 percent) of U.S. adults who have ever received the flu shot determine where to get vaccinated based on convenience. Specific convenience factors that would make Americans more likely to have themselves and their families vaccinated against the flu include having the vaccine readily available without an appointment (28 percent) and being able to get the entire family vaccinated at one place/time (20 percent).

While most Americans intend to get themselves and their family vaccinated against the flu each year, lack of convenience often prohibits them from accomplishing their goal. In this interview opportunity on Wednesday morning, Papatya Tankut, Vice President of Pharmacy Affairs at CVS Health will share information about flu season 2016, breakdown the latest from the CDC on flu vaccines and share how your local CVS Pharmacy or MinuteClinic is making fighting the flu easier!

ABOUT Papatya Tankut is Vice President of Pharmacy Affairs for CVS Health. Tankut is responsible for engaging with nonprofit, governmental and health-based organizations to expand CVS Health’s efforts to improve and enhance pharmacy care.


Thursday Oct. 20th @ 8:35 AM:  American Oldies Star Tommy James.

Tommy James’ road to superstardom began when a nightclub DJ in Pittsburgh discovered a two-year-old record by “The Shondells” and played it at his weekend dances. The crowd response was so overwhelmingly positive that radio deejays started spinning it and an enterprising record distributor bootlegged it, selling 80,000 copies in ten days. By May of

Tommy James
Photo: Cindy Ord

1966 “Hanky Panky” was the number one record in Pittsburgh and Tommy James was a sensation.

A Pittsburgh promoter tracked Tommy down at his home in Niles, told him of the success tale of “Hanky Panky,” and urged him to “come on down!” Unable to put the original group back together, Tommy hired a hot P-burgh R&B bar band to become the Shondells. Two weeks later he and this new group signed a record deal with Roulette Records in New York. The label, in turn, put their promotion team to work on “Hanky Panky” and made it the summer smash of '66. Thus, began one of the longest strings of nonstop hits in recording industry history.

In 1968, Tommy and The Shondells became one of the first acts to experiment with music videos, creating a mini-film around “Mony Mony” for theatrical showings, thirteen years before MTV hit the airwaves.

After spending three months on the road that year with Vice President Hubert Humphrey's presidential campaign, TJ and company took over the creative reins of their career by writing and producing their next record, the groundbreaking “Crimson and Clover” single and the accompanying album. Released in early 1969, it went multi-platinum, and spawned two more monster hits for the group: “Do Something To Me” and “Crystal Blue Persuasion.” A fourth song from the LP, “Sugar On Sunday,” rose high on the charts in a cover version by The Clique.


Also on Thursday morning @ 9:30:  History segment with Sebastian Mallaby, author of "The Man Who Knew: The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan."

Sebastian Mallaby's magisterial biography of Alan Greenspan, the product of over five years of research based on untrammeled access to his subject and his closest professional and personal intimates, brings into vivid focus the mysterious point where the government and the economy meet. To understand Greenspan's story is to see the

economic and political landscape of the last 30 years--and the presidency from Reagan to George W. Bush--in a whole new light. As the most influential economic statesman of his age, Greenspan spent a lifetime grappling with a momentous shift: the transformation of finance from the fixed and regulated system of the post-war era to the free-for-all of the past quarter century. The story of Greenspan is also the story of the making of modern finance, for good and for ill.

Greenspan's life is a quintessential American success story: raised by a single mother in the Jewish émigré community of Washington Heights, he was a math prodigy who found a niche as a stats-crunching consultant. A master at explaining the economic weather to captains of industry, he translated that skill into advising Richard Nixon in his 1968 campaign. This led to a perch on the White House Council of Economic Advisers, and then to a dazzling array of business and government roles, from which the path to the Fed was relatively clear. A fire-breathing libertarian and disciple of Ayn Rand in his youth who once called the Fed's creation a historic mistake, Mallaby shows how Greenspan reinvented himself as a pragmatist once in power. In his analysis, and in his core mission of keeping inflation in check, he was a maestro indeed, and hailed as such. At his retirement in 2006, he was lauded as the age's necessary man, the veritable God in the machine, the global economy's avatar. His memoirs sold for record sums to publishers around the world.

ABOUT Sebastian Mallaby is the author of several books, including the bestselling More Money Than God. A former Financial Times contributing editor and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, Mallaby is the Paul A. Volcker Senior Fellow for International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations.


Wrapping up Thursday morning @ 9:45:  Margaret Creighton, author of "The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City: Spectacle and Assassination at the 1901 World's Fair."

In 1901, Buffalo was the eighth-largest city in the United States, and its leaders had big dreams. They would host a world’s fair, showcasing the Americas, and bring millions of people to western New York. With nearby Niagara Falls as a drawing card and with stunning colors and electric lights, they hoped the fair would be more popular and more brilliant, literally, than Chicago’s White City of 1893.

The Exposition opened with fanfare; its wonders, both strange and magnificent, dazzled

the public. Then tragedy struck. In the early autumn of 1901, an assassin stalked the fairgrounds, waiting for President William McKinley. That was shocking enough, but there were more surprises in store. A female daredevil captivated crowds by trying to ride a barrel over Niagara Falls. Apache leader Geronimo startled visitors with a controversial performance. And a showman called the Animal King, the self-proclaimed star of the Midway, announced that one of his acts, the smallest woman in the world and the fair’s “mascot,” had been kidnapped. Then he staged the attempted electrocution of an elephant.

In this extraordinary account, Margaret S. Creighton lifts the curtain on the assassination of McKinley as well as on the fair’s lesser-known battles, involving both notorious and forgotten figures. In a story that is by turns suspenseful, heartrending, and triumphant, she reveals the myriad power struggles that not only marked the Exposition but shaped the new century.

ABOUT Margaret Creighton is the author of The Colors of Courage:  Gettysburg's Forgotten History, a finalist for the Lincoln Prize, and other works.  She is profesor of history at Bates College and lives in Maine.


Friday, Oct. 21st @ 9:10 AM:  Othello Back, author of "Cry Into the Wind: A True Story."

Othello Bach’s debut book, a novel called House of Secrets, became a best-seller. Avon Books bought it when she was 24 years old.  Her second novel, Satan’s Daughters was published by Zebra Books two years later and it also became a bestseller. Her first children’s book, Whoever Heard of a Fird? was another best-seller, as was her second

Othello Bach

children’s book, Hector McSnector and the Mail-Order Christmas Witch. Additionally, Whoever Heard of a Fird? led to over 100 licensing deals which included a line of toys by Remco and a television development deal with Hanna-Barbera. She also wrote three dozen songs that were recorded by stage and screen stars, including Joel Grey, Tammy Grimes, and Sandy Duncan.  It’s hard to believe all of this positive, creative, and inspirational content is the product of someone who didn’t learn to read until the 8th grade!

It’s even harder to believe when you learn how this former minister, licensed hypnotherapist, motivational speaker and advocate for literacy, women, and group home reform almost didn’t survive her nightmarish childhood that was defined by loss, neglect, physical and mental abuse, rape, seeing her mother burned alive, sexually violated by her alcoholic dad and left to fend for herself in a group home while separated from her siblings.

Her stirring memoir, Cry into the Wind, recently acknowledged by the Indiana Public Library Association as being one of the ten best books, reveals her heartbreaking, yet inspirational story of how she rose out of an against-all-odds childhood, one that left her in a two-day coma after attempting suicide.

Bach has come a long way since her troubled youth.  She grew into a successful author of dozens of books, launched a hypnotherapy company for 25 years, taught for over 13 years at two colleges and was an ordained minister for a decade.  Along the way she established an interethnic women’ group, publicly advocates for victims of abuse and discrimination, as well as literacy and self-improvement.  She represents hope in the face of brutal odds against living a happy and successful life.


Closing out the week on Friday @ 9:30 AM:  83-year old Nanette Hucknall’s story is an inspirational one. She is the author of a new book, "HOW TO LIVE FROM YOUR HEART: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity & Discover Inner Wisdom."

In her new book, HOW TO LIVE FROM YOUR HEART: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity & Discover Inner Wisdom, Nanette Hucknall says that “with the use of your heart, you can develop the means to have lasting relationships, an abundance of energy, and even discover your creative self.”

At 83, Hucknall hasn’t let her age stop her. She conducts several retreats and workshops a year in Montreal and the Berkshires. This year, at the Montreal retreat, there were 40 people attending from all over the states, Canada, and England. She also plans on leading a workshop on how to live from your heart after her book is published this Fall.

Nanette Hucknall

Hucknall, who survived breast cancer when she was 52 with a 40% chance to live, says, “That’s when I became very positive, stopped thinking about dying and started thinking about doing. That positive feeling has remained, which is why I never think about how old I am.”

Hucknall says, “Having an open heart will change your behavior and affect those who are close to you. With the use of your heart energy, you can develop the means to have lasting relationships, an abundance of energy, and even discover your creative self. All of this is part of everyone’s potential, a potential seldom used to its fullest,” she adds.

Heart energy is the energy of love and compassion, which comes from the Source or God Consciousness. Understanding heart energy is learning how to make these energies work for you in a positive manner, a manner that will help you to grow morally and spiritually, and help you in your relationships with others.

Filled with exercises, anecdotes, and case histories, HOW TO LIVE FROM YOUR HEART shows you how to maximize your life’s potential. Nanette Hucknall is living proof that living from the heart leads to a joyful, healthy, fulfilling and productive life even at 80.