Monday, Nov. 21st @ 8:50 AM:   Renowned Author, Rice University Professor and Leading Humanist Dr. Anthony B. Pinn discussing "Humanists at The Holiday Season: What is HumanLight".

As the American Humanist Association reminds us:

This holiday season many humanists and non-theists are preparing their Annual HumanLight Holiday parties and celebrations.  Awareness of HumanLight as a secular December holiday is growing across the country and around the world since the idea was formed in 2001.

HumanLight is a secular holiday on December 23rd designed to celebrate and express the positive, secular, human values of reason, compassion, humanity and hope.

HumanLight illuminates a positive, secular vision of a happy, just and peaceful future for our world, a future which people can build by working together, drawing on the best of our human capacities.

ABOUT Dr. Anthony Pinn is regular guest writer for The Huffington Post, Dr. Pinn is also the author and/or editor of dozens of books on religion, race and related issues.  Once a minister, Dr. Pinn’s focus is the history of religion, especially as it pertains to African-American history and culture.


Also on Monday morning @ 9:30:  Dale Parker from Claxton's Bakery, discussing their ever popular Holiday Fruit Cakes.

The Claxton Bakery was founded by Savino Gillio-Tos who immigrated to the United States in 1902. He moved to New York City, where he worked at a Brooklyn hotel as a master baker. He eventually took a job in Macon, Georgia and moved from there to Claxton. Mr. Gillio-Tos's Claxton Bakery was a successful maker of baked goods, homemade ice cream and fruitcakes. In 1945, Savino Gillio-Tos sold the bakery to Albert Parker, an employee, and retired.

Under Parker's leadership, the Claxton Bakery began to focus on fruitcakes; this eventually led the bakery to start selling fruitcakes for fundraising purposes in the 1950s. One of the bakery's earliest fundraising partners was Civitan International; since 1951, local Civitans have sold millions of pounds of Claxton fruitcake each holiday season in support of their

work with the developmentally disabled.  A little over a decade later, in 1964 and 1965, the company was part of the New York World's Fair. Mr. Parker quickly took advantage of the success at the fair and came up with other means to get his product out to the world. One such innovation came when he entered several floats in the Orange Bowl Jamboree Parade in Miami and also the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in Washington, D.C. Today the Claxton Bakery, Inc. works with over a thousand organizations throughout North America.

~~~  This interview will feature listener prize giveaways from Claxton  ~~~


Tuesday, Nov. 22nd @ 7:35 AM:  Sports segment with Brian Curtis, author of new Craig Sager book, "Living Out Loud: Sports, Cancer, and the Things Worth Fighting For."

Thanks to an eccentric wardrobe filled with brightly colored suits and a love of sports that knows no bounds, Craig Sager is one of the most beloved and recognizable broadcasters on television. So when the sports world learned that he was diagnosed with acute myeloid

leukemia (AML) there was an outpouring of love and support from everyone who was inspired by his colorful life and his fearless decision to continue doing the job he loved―despite being told that he would have only three-to-six months to live. Sager has undergone three stem cell transplants―with his son as the donor for two of them―and more than twenty chemotherapy cycles since his diagnosis.

In Living Out Loud, Craig Sager shares incredible stories from his remarkable career and chronicles his heroic battle. Whether he’s sprinting across Wrigley Field mid-game as a college student with cops in pursuit, chasing down Hank Aaron on the field for an interview after Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record, running with the bulls in Pamplona, or hunkering down to face the daunting physical challenges of fighting leukemia, Craig Sager is always ready to defy expectations, embrace life, and live it to the fullest.

Including a foreword by Charles Barkley and with unique insight from his son Craig Sager II, this entertaining, honest, and introspective account of a life lived in sports reveals the enduring lessons Sager has learned throughout his career and reminds you that no matter what life throws at you, to always look at the bright side.


Also on Tuesday morning @ 9:10Mac McKeever, from L.L. Bean.

L.L.Bean, Inc., branded as L.L.Bean, is an American, privately held e-commerce, mail-order, and retail company founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean. The company is currently based in Freeport, Maine, United States. It specializes in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment. Its annual sales were USD $1.6 billion in 2015.

Since its inception, the company has branched out not only to variations on its boots but to other outdoor equipment such as firearms, backpacks, tents, as well as producing a full line of clothing, which is now its mainstay.

L.L.Bean is a global company sourcing its products from the U.S. and across the globe. It is one of the last multi-channel merchants to still own and operate a manufacturing facility in the United States. Its Brunswick, Maine factory employs more than 450 people who hand-craft the company's iconic products such as the Maine Hunting Shoe, L.L.Bean Boot, Boat and Totes, dog beds, leather goods and backpacks.

In 2000, L.L.Bean formed a contract with Subaru, making L.L.Bean the official outfitter of Subaru, spawning an "L.L.Bean edition" Subaru Outback and Forester for the USA market. The L.L.Bean trim levels on American Subaru vehicles are the top-spec versions, with leather and wood trimmed interiors and all available options offered as standard equipment. This relationship with Subaru ended June 28, 2008.

In 2010, L.L.Bean established a more stylish sub-brand known as L.L.Bean Signature. The Signature line is a modern interpretation of L.L.Bean classics featuring a more modern fit.

~~~  This interview will have prize L.L. Bean Gift Cards for listeners  ~~~


Wrapping up Tuesday morning @ 9:45:  Bill Rancic, author, television personality, and winner of the very first season of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice."

BIll Rancic alongside Melania & Donald Trump
Photo: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Bill Rancic is a television personality and the author of the New York Times bestselling book "You’re Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life", as well as the books "Beyond the Lemonade Stand and I Do, Now What?", which was written with his wife, Giuliana Rancic. After bursting onto the national scene when he was hired by Donald Trump as the winner of the first season of NBC’s breakthrough program The Apprentice, Rancic has become a well-known entrepreneur and sought-after motivational speaker. He appears before businesses and organizations around the world on a variety of business-related topics and is also a frequent guest on numerous daytime broadcast and cable television programs such as Today, The View, Rachael Ray, and various CNBC programs.

In "First Light", a debut novel inspired by his own love story with wife and television

BIll Rancic
Photo: Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

personality Giuliana Rancic, Bill Rancic recounts the story of a young couple as told to their 10-year-old son. Ten years earlier, Daniel and Kerry are leaving a work trip in Alaska to plan their wedding back home in Chicago when their plane is sent careening into a mountainside in the middle of the Yukon during a terrible snowstorm, seriously injuring Kerry in the accident. It soon becomes clear that search-and-rescue teams aren’t going to find the survivors in time to save her. Daniel, the one passenger with survival experience, determines to find help and bring it back to the rest of the passengers, but his choices are made all the more difficult by the presence of his boss, a stubborn man more interested in results than taking care of people. Only one man will come out of their trek alive, but it still may not be in time to save Kerry and the other critically injured survivors. As the parents’ story draws to a close, the truth about their son’s life will at last be revealed.


Wednesday, Nov. 23rd @ 8:50 AM:  Juliann Paolicchi, MD, Co-Director of Pediatric Epilepsy Research at at Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group.

Hackensack, NJ is home to a new clinical study that may bring hope for those suffering from Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy.

Dravet syndrome is a debilitating condition characterized by frequent and uncontrolled seizures that can severely disrupt a patient's quality of life. The condition cannot be outgrown, and there is no cure, so learning to manage it is vitally important. Current effective treatment options for the uncontrolled seizures in Dravet syndrome are incredibly limited. Doctors can prescribe anti-seizure medications to help, but some children and young adults still struggle to manage their condition. As such, there is a high unmet medical need.

The FAiRE (Fenfluramine Assessment in Rare Epilepsy) program of clinical studies will try to address this unmet need by evaluating a low-dose fenfluramine liquid solution. Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group in Hackensack is involved in this national trial.


Also on Wednesday morning @ 9:30:  Ryan O'Reilly, author of "Shifting Gears: How to Harness Your Drive to Reach Your Potential and Accelerate Success."

With the changing workplace environment, there are millions of people who feel that they’ve hit a plateau or are just treading water in their careers. Technology has done little to decrease workload and stress is at an all-time high in the workplace, which then trickles into a difficult home life. An international keynote speaker and leadership coach, Ryan

O’Reilly wrote Shifting Gears: How to Harness Your Drive to Reach Your Potential and Accelerate Success to teach individuals how to take control of their lives to reach their full potential whether in the workplace, on the track, changing careers and in our personal lives.

Author Ryan O’Reilly asserts that rather than placing blame on circumstances or other people, it is the individual who determines how long they stay stuck. Shifting Gears will provide the push readers need to start moving again. Shifting Gears is for readers who feel frustrated with their daily life and want things to change. Ryan O’Reilly uses personal advice, anecdotes of successful people and strategies to help readers identify what is keeping them in the same place, while building the confidence needed to overcome obstacles, and fuel the drive and motivation that lead to success in all aspects of life.

Ryan O’Reilly is a keynote speaker, who also delivers workshops and individual coaching on an international level for leaders and entrepreneurs, designed to break down barriers for reaching true potential. He has lived in the US, UK, Australia, and Ireland, and worked as a senior sales leader for three Fortune 100 companies, including Apple and Dell, for a period of fifteen years. Ryan is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and was a finalist in the ICF Ireland Coach of the Year awards in 2015.




Friday, Nov. 25th @ 9:45 AM:  Phil Sklar, Co-Founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, introducing this Holiday Season's line of new HOME ALONE BOBBLEHEADS.

These limited edition bobbleheads, which feature Kevin, Harry and Marv, have been over

two years in the making, but they’re well worth the wait. The final bobbleheads arrived last week, and they are sure to be loved by any Home Alone Fan, as the quality and detail are unprecedented.

This is the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum’s largest bobblehead undertaking ever for one of the most beloved movies of all time. Home Alone holds records as the highest-grossing live-action comedy film and the highest-grossing Christmas film of all time. The movie also held the record as highest-grossing live-action comedy worldwide until 2011 and is one of the 30 most-liked movies on Facebook, falling just behind Star Wars.

The bobbleheads were produced by NECA exclusively for the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum and are officially licensed by 20th Century Fox.  They will be available only from the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum beginning next Tuesday, November 22nd in our online store (, making them the perfect holiday gift for every Home Alone fan. Only 5,000 of the Kevin and 3,000 of the Harry and Marv bobbleheads are available.