TV Personality and food enthusiast Adam Richman recently chatted with The Kingston Station to discuss his television career, cooking background, and current NBC show "Food Fighters."

Adam Richman grew up in the food Mecca of New York City and began his love affair with food early on, sampling all of the diverse culinary specialties The Big Apple had to offer. From samosas to sushi, even at a young age, Richman had a desire to taste it all.

After earning a master’s degree in Fine Art from Yale University’s School of Drama, he traveled the United States acting in many regional theaters. The nature of his work allowed him to feed his appetite for the best local dishes across America – all of which found their way into his food journal. In 2008, he began hosting “Man v Food” for the Travel Channel, which quickly became their highest rated show. With “Man v Food Nation,” “Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America” and “Fandemonium,” Richman not only hosted but co-executive produced.  His next show on Travel Channel, “Man Finds Food,” in which he stars and produces, premiered April 1, 2015.

In 2014 he hosted NBC’s new food competition show “Food Fighters,” which delivered the biggest regularly scheduled week-one to week-two gain in it’s demographic for any new series on the Big 4 networks in the prior two years. The second season premieres Thursday night at 8:00 Eastern.

ABOUT THE SHOW:  An incredible line-up of celebrity chefs and the introduction of kids as contestants for the first time ever spice up the second season of “Food Fighters,” the high-stakes culinary game returning to NBC on Thursday, July 2 (8-9 p.m. ET).  It’s the perfect recipe for the ultimate food battle when the best amateur cooks in America put their signature dishes to the test against five professional chefs, with the chance to win as much as $100,000.  Television personality, author and food enthusiast Adam Richman hosts the series that takes culinary sparring to an exciting new level.

“Food Fighters” has only featured adult contestants competing against the pro chefs, until now.  This season, kid chefs are also added to the mix, showing off their incredible culinary skills  while racing against the clock to try and beat some of the most formidable chefs in the country.

In a series of compelling, tension-filled showdowns, a top-notch amateur home cook will face off one by one against five professional chefs from every corner of the world.

Armed only with recipes for their best signature dishes, kid contestants and adult players will square off against an expert chef who will have to cook the same dish, but with no advance notice of what the dish will be. The completed dishes will then be sampled in a blind taste test by culinary judges known as “The Dinner Party.” After the two competing dishes are tested, the verdict determining the winner is given to the host.

If the home cook wins, they earn a cash prize.  Even if they don’t win, they still get to face off again against another culinary expert, climbing a money ladder with increasing cash prizes for every professional chef they knock out. Any amateur cook who wins each of the five rounds will walk away with $100,000.  It’s the ultimate food fight, pitting amateur cooks against the most formidable culinary pros in America to see if they have what it takes to beat the very best.