The Village of Millbrook is notifying residents of fire hydrant work that will be going on and will be affecting intersections in the village.  VRI Environmental Services of Millbrook will be replacing the hydrants for the village.  In order to complete the work, water will be shut down for a period of time, while the hydrants are replaced.  The notice says, that the water shutdown will be minimized as much as possible. Water may have turbidity for a period of time after the work is completed.

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The first hydrant replacement will happen Tuesday, April 11.  This will happen at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Elm Drive.  The second hydrant replacement will be Thursday, April 13.  The will happen at the intersection of Front Street and Merritt Avenue.  All the work is planned to happen between the 9am and 4pm.

Residents with questions can contact VRI by calling 845-677-3839 or Millbrook Village Hall at 845-677-3939.