Food-dispensing machines will soon replace cafeteria workers at a local community college.  SUNY Orange will be laying off all of the workers at end this spring semester.  According to a report online with the Times Herald Record, nine full timer works and three part time workers will lose their job.


There was an email sent to students on Thursday explaining the situation.  The cafeteria is run by Orange County community College Association, which is a nonprofit organization.  Executive Director Vinnie Cazzetta said in the email, that last year food service showed a deficit of more than $150,000.

The layoffs will include all the food centers on the Middletown and Newburgh campus.  Cazzetta, said they looked at other options, but even other food service contractors said they would lose about $80,000 per year.  They are close to signing a new contract with self serving vending machines.  Cazzetta, there wasn’t much to do, within a year they wouldn’t be able to make payroll, so it was just a matter of time.