Delays will force the Kingston High School not to be completely ready when students return to school.   District officials are working to make up about two weeks of delayed renovations to the Kate Walton Field House.  According to a report in the Daily Freeman, Optimus Construction, the primary contractor underestimated costs for the work and it caused delays starting the project. Officials says they are putting pressure on the construction company to speed up the work.

The field house is part of a $137.5 million project that will renovate and expand the Kingston High School.  Officials told the paper that is the only part of the project that is behind schedule.  The crews are working long shifts and an extra day per week to make up the time.  They are focusing on the new lockers and dressing areas for the pool and gym.   School Officials plan on using temporary lockers the first few weeks of school.  Officials says the field house will do a soft opening, but will be ready for students on opening day.  The finished lockers will be done in October.