Lots of students will be eligible for free college tuition here in New York State, but many wonder what's the catch.

Hey we're New Yorkers and we always feel there is a catch. Governor Cuomo pushed very hard to get free college tuition into the state budget and after some resistance, he got the legislature to approve it.

The free tuition program is not totally free. There are a number of requirements to get it. One of the big ones is that you stay in New York State for four years after you graduate. That seems reasonable to me, but many think it's asking too much.


Graduate in four years. Take a full course load. Stay in New York State for four years after you complete your degree. All this, plus you must meet the income parameters to be eligible for the money. According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, many students are already getting lots of financial help.

According to SUNY, 80,000 full-time students would be eligible for free tuition, while nearly half of them already get tuition free because of existing state and federal grants. SUNY has about 402,722 full- and part-time undergraduate students at its 64 campuses.

There are lots of complaints about the free tuition because many think there are too many strings attached. I say if you want the money, you follow the rules. This will work for students who really want to attend college, but have no other way of financing it. You may have to go to a school near your home so you can save on room and board, but once again - the tuition is FREE.

The question many people are asking is: Why did Cuomo push so hard for free tuition and why did it have to get done this quickly? The predominant opinion is that the Governor wants to run for President in 2020. Bernie Sanders attracted lots of younger voters with his free college proposal. Why not tap into that platform if you are going to go after Trump? 2020 might be the Governor's best opening if he wants to make it to Washington.

What do you think about the free tuition program in our state? Is this early Presidential campaigning by Cuomo? Are you in favor of free tuition or do you think it's a bad plan? Please leave your comments on our Facebook page.