Warren & Dan recently had a chance to chat on the morning show with former Major League Baseball All-Star pitcher, Tommy John.

In 26 Major League seasons, Tommy amassed 288 victories as a pitcher, 7th most by a left-handed pitcher in Major League history.  He started in the majors in 1963, with the Cleveland Indians, and also played for the Chicago White Sox and LA Dodgers before suffering a major injury to his pitching arm in 1974. He required reconstructive surgery which would involve removing a tendon from his non-pitching arm to repair a torn ligament in his pitching arm.

It appeared John would never pitch again, however, after missing the entire 1975 season, he returned better than ever, pitching in 3 All-Star games and being voted in the Top 10 for the Cy Young award 4 times.  Due to the success of the procedure, it has become known as “Tommy John Surgery”, not only in baseball, but throughout the sports world.

Many injured players, mostly pitchers, undergo this surgery every season, and most pitchers return to a higher form than they achieved prior to the surgery.  Notable pitchers in the New York area include former Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, and Mets ace Matt Harvey.

Tommy John finished his career with 288 victories, and a 3.34 career ERA.  He played for 6 teams in his 26 year Major League career, and earned his most success with the Yankees, winning 91 games in 8 seasons