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The Hudson Valley just experienced a record snow storm and many people will have an unplanned two day vacation because of the weather. But inevitably, most people are heading back to work so here's a few ideas to help you get where you need to go this morning.

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    Phone a friend.

    It's time to cash in a favor because you can't get to work in that crappy little 1993 two door coupe. So call a friend with four wheel drive and hope they're in the mood to give you a hand. Bribery helps.

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    Mass Transit/Take A Cab.

    Is mass transit a possibility? Time to hop on the train and maybe take a cab when you get to the closest station. There's no Uber or Lyft in the Hudson Valley yet, but lots of cab companies.

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    Give yourself plenty of time. It's probably not a good idea to leave literally three minutes before you're supposed to get there like you usually do. But hey, if there's any day to be late it's today.

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    Stick to the main roads, no scenic detours.

    Sure you have that specific route to work timed out to the minute, but all those windy turns might not be a great idea after we just had two feet of snow dumped on us. Stick to the roads you know have been plowed.

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    Just don't go.

    Is working from home an option? Or maybe it's time to cash in that extra time off because you 'can't get out of the driveway'. Maybe you had one too many rum and cokes at your snow day party and you're 'sick'. Well we'll write you a note. We just can't guarantee it'll help.

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