Westchester is building a walkway along the Hudson that runs the entire length of the county.  Could it someday be expanded to the Mid Hudson Valley?

Almost 34 miles of the Westchester River Walk has already been completed. It will run just over 51 miles and hug the shore of 14 municipalities along the river. We have seen what a boom the Walkway Over the Hudson has been here in the Mid Hudson. This path along the river has got great potential to showcase the lower Hudson River Valley.


Hudson Valley Magazine reports that there will be plenty of lighting and it will be paved. There will also be lots of picnic tables and benches along the route. The project does not have a completion date because much of the funding has to come from private sources.

The estimated cost of the Riverwalk is $1 million per mile. While the project is meant to be bring the different village sections together, in some cases, portions of RiverWalk are constructed as part of private or municipal waterfront developments.

The question is will this eventually make it's way up the river to our area? There is talk that the New York Empire State Trail would connect to Westchester's Riverwalk, but it doesn't look like a similar riverwalk is planned for our region at this time.