The City of Kingston has announced a date that pay stations that have been installed in some municipal parking lots will be activated. Six municipal parking lots had the pay station installed, all three lots on North Front Street, the Cornell Street lot, the Prince Street lot and the Dock Street lot. Those stations will be going live on Tuesday, October, 10. Each lot will be $0.75 per hour from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Anyone who purchased a 2017 parking permit doesn’t have to pay the hourly fee. Those permits are only $10. The new pay stations will accept coins, credit cards and even a mobile app payment through Parkeon’s Whoosh! App.

The system will use the license plate of your vehicle to verify payment. Enter your plate number once you’ve purchased your time in the lot. Enforcement officers can verify the vehicle has been paid for using the plate numbers. This way, no one has to return to their car once they have visited the pay station.