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Peach Hill Park Is The Highest Point In The Town Of Poughkeepise
If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then take a trip to Peach Hill Park in Poughkeepsie. The park offers a tranquil place to relax, unplug and discover nature. It offers a symphony of sounds, whether it be a chorus of crickets or the sweet sounds of birds chirpin…
Was There a Zombie Outbreak in Poughkeepsie?
Is the government hiding a zombie outbreak at the Saint Peter's Cemetery? The truth is out there and we need to find it!

Do you believe in the walking dead? For most fans of Halloween this chilling sight is actually one of the best decorations we could see in October.
Hudson Valley Based Movie Seeks Classic Cars
If you or someone you know has a classic car in the garage collecting dust, first of all why is it collecting dust? And second of all, cars from the late 30s, 40s and early 50s of all kinds are needed for a new movie being filmed in the Hudson Valley this fall.

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