The City of Poughkeepsie was projected to shut down city bus service in June, but now the common council has found a way to fund the program for another six months.  As reported online at MidHudson, The Poughkeepsie Common Council was able to find money to override Mayor Rob Rolison and extend operations of the city buses until the end of the year.

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Council Chairwoman Natasha Cherry, introduced a resolution to amend the city budget.  She said this gives them some room to work on long -term solution.   The Mayor had only including funding for city bus operations through the end of June, in the current budget.  Rolison plan was to turn bus operations over the Dutchess County LOOP system.  The beginning of the meeting, began with public comment, pleading with the council.

Cherry says, she plans to ride the bus system and talk with riders.  She also invited the Mayor to join her in ride.