For 15 years, residents in the Lake Katrine area have been scared by the Barn of Terror. The Boice family, has put together a 6500 square feet barn of terror. The barn is made of up of eight room, silo, mineshaft, field house and a corn maze that goes for over a mile.

Jim Boice Sr, talked with the Kingston Times about this barn. He says their approach is different from other Halloween attractions. Boice says they go for horror. There are no animatronics, there are physical people hiding. He said if someone tells you, watch out there is person around that corner, it’s a good beat that person has already moved. Each year has a theme, this year Mr. Kobbe and his undead family has conflicts with trespassing neighbors who are investigating reports of dead cows.
Boice, explains it’s a family business, namely his family that do most of the scaring. They are pretty good at it, some people it the first hallway and turn around. People cover their eyes, and hide behind other people, that how scared they get. Others have just peed their pants.

They rarely close the attraction once it opens for the season, which runs this year September 29 to October 29. Boice says only a heavy rain will close it. He says wait times are never longer than 30 minutes. Check out the Barn of Terror website for more and there is a video we found from a few years ago.