Today, we dive into the past to take a look back at Poughkeepsie in the early '80s.  This guy, does several of these types of videos, where he is driving up and down the streets of Poughkeepsie, especially in the Arlington area.  In this video, he -- I know it's a he, because in another video he talks -- is driving east on Main Street between Innis and Taft Avenue in the Arlington section of Poughkeepsie.

The date is January 2, 1982. There is so much to take in during his drive down Main Street. Obviously, the old styles of cars on the road. Specifically, take note of the buildings and businesses on Main Street. How many have changed?  How many have stayed the same?

Actually, a ton of the same businesses are still there today. Notice the Red Cap Cleaners? I think that's the same exact sign. McDonald's is still there today, Also notice Kentucky Fried Chicken and then Davis Hardware.